The Wave Cannon is an energy based weapon that has been modified into many forms, often appropriate to the design and function of the ship that carries it and there are many different kinds of Wave Cannons in the Space Corps. When charging a Wave Cannon, the pilot must forego firing the main weapons, both Vulcan cannon and any applicable Force weapons (though Missiles will continue to fire) and fly defensively until the charge has reached the desired limit. The pilot is committed to firing the Wave Cannon once the charge sequence has started; there is no way to cancel it short of ship destruction. Since most missions present a target-rich environment however, this is rarely a concern. Part of mastering an R-craft is knowing how its Wave Cannon works and when best to use it.

In R-Type Final, every Wave Cannon has a number of 'loops' - a loop is when the beam bar is filled all the way. If more loops are available, continuing to charge the wave cannon will fill the beam bar again, increasing the energy of the wave cannon shot. The player will know when the maximum loop has been achieved when the wave meter flashes. Although it takes a long time, with certain wave cannons it is possible to charge a beam so powerful that it can even kill bosses in a single blast. The most common number of loops is two, but the number varies between one and four, with a single wave cannon having seven loops. The loops are labelled Beam - High - Strong - Great - Special - Devil - Bydo. Most Wave Cannons are unique to, at best, a small group of ships in the R-Series. However, the fully customizable R-99 Last Dancer, R-100 Curtain Call, R-101 Grand Finale can equip any Wave Cannon.

R-TYPE 3000

The Mega Wave Cannon in R-Type III: The Third Lightning

List of Wave Cannons

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