This strange looking craft, despite all appearances as a cartoonish helicopter, is fully capable of both atmospheric and interstellar flight. Since most of the Space Corps fleet was built for the war effort, they had precious little time to spend on other efforts. This craft is one of their attempts to branch out and create a ship designed for other tasks.

The TP-3 is a craft often not chosen by pilots. Though it possesses a unique Force, a curiously strong Wave Cannon, and a pair of Bit Devices, it's not a ship built for combat missions. The TP-3 must be unlocked with a password: 5959 5959 (European/Japan) or 1026 2001 (US).


[Asteroid Survey Sentry]

Developed to scout asteroids. The propeller works not only intra-atmosphere, but also in space by using cosmic dust to generate force.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

Cannon: Vulcan Mk. I

A special code in the PC Engine version of Image Fight, lets a pilot take Mr. Heli instead of the OF-1 Daedalus.



This ship is based on a similar ship in an Irem shooter from 1987 by the same name (Mr. Heli's Great Adventure). The Vertical Missile/Depth Bomb combo is a tribute to Mr. Heli's capabilities in that first outing.