POW Armor is an essential part of any R-Type mission, as it is the only battlefield support a pilot will see, apart from wingmen. The TP-2 POW Armor is a storage unit created by the Space Corps that contains Missiles, Bit Devices, Speed Ups, and Laser Crystals. It consists of a silver pod with a colored forward-facing canopy. It's a bipedal ship, capable of both atmospheric and interstellar flight, though the leg parts are tucked away during flight. A variant of POW Armor allows it to function normally underwater. Though it's friendly, POW Armor often gives a point reward when destroyed, along with the release of it's cargo.

POW Armor continues its role as a support craft, but is again available for active duty by pilots. It can be unlocked by logging 30 minutes of general flight time after obtaining the TP-1 Scope Duck.


[Mini Mobile Container]

A miniature mobile cargo unit, developed to move weapons and supplies. A sturdy top and nimble handling led to its widespread deployment. POW Armor D is a POW Armor that has been exposed to another dimension, taking on a wireframe appearance.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

Vulcan: Standard Vulcan mk. 1

As A Enemy:

Bydo Lab:

POW Armor

Unmanned transport made to carry crystals made from Force energy. The crystals are not a target for the Bydo, so POW Armor are never attacked.

Amphibious POW Armor

POW Armor with underwater booster and legs. Can operate at depths of up to 1000 meters.

Space POW Armor

Deep space version of the POW Armor. The limbs are now vernier, and it can operate in parallel dimensions.

POW Armor D

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: POW?
  • HP Level: 1
  • Location: Anti-Space

POW Armor left in this dimension by some kind of accident. It appears strange, but is fundamentally the same.

The POW Armor continues to serve as a support craft, but in a unique move was refitted to be used in combat. It proves to serve well in this additional role. Unlike the other ships in this mission, it lacks a "B-Energy" quantifier.



Bit Device


Wave Cannon

Combining its roles in previous missions, the POW Armor is playable as a support craft. It's equipped with basic weaponry and the ability to duplicate itself, but it won't last long in direct combat. The Bydo use an infected version of this unit.

Description: POW Armor

TP-02C POW-Armor -Resupply Craft-

Module capable of resupplying and refueling ally units. Occupy-capable and fitted with a decoy function.

HP: 90

ACE HP: 106

Fuel: 100

Radar: 2

Speed: 3

Evade: 25%



Fuel Tank

Decoy Enabled


Directive 1

80 Solonium

Armaments: POW Armor

Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan Cannon 99 10 1-1 45% A/B Machine Gun A short-range, rapid-fire cannon. Has low firepower, but can be used to intercept enemy attacks.

POW Armor R-Type
First appearance of the POW Armor. A non-combatant, but nonetheless essential to a pilot's survival.

At first developed for cargo shipping, the POW Armor became involved in the Bydo war directly later on, with pilots requesting its use in direct combat.


  • Model name: TP02 "Pow Armor" POW Armor
  • Length: 14.8m
  • Height: 18.6m (when fully extended)
  • Width: 14.1m
  • Weight: 12.0t

Compact transportation container for conveying energy for "Force" improvement, missile weapons, etc. A strong/flexible machine utilized for many purposes. Was reported that a POW unit damaged in a Bydo attack turned on friendly forces.


  • Container Part: Designed to store shipping materials or other items. Not capable of holding much weight, but is very durable because of its spherical armor. In one case the front of the unit was converted to a cockpit allowing it to be used as a weapon.
  • Bania Legs: Legs allow for both walking and flight. Machines equipped with perfect bania are able to maneuver in space.

R-Type II

POW Armor R-Type II
POW Armor-V2 changes color depending on it's cargo. This change will be reflected in a few future titles.

Super R-Type

As in R-Type II, blue canopied POW Armor denotes a Laser Crystal and a red canopy denotes any other powerup.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

POW Armor Third Lightning
As in R-Type II, the POW Armor's color changes depending on it's cargo.


  • POW Armor has gone through a small number of name changes, including POW Shuttle from the Game Boy version.

A space satellite called the Pow Box, also serves an similar purpose in R-Type Leo only.


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