Super R-Type is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System release within the series that takes the majority of R-Type II and adds its own elements to the mix, making it more of a "embellished re-telling" as well as an expansion of the game's story. Among the differences are new stages and enemies (many of which have simply been renamed); veterans will notice that the 1st stage is entirely different. Also, the ship must "warp" to each boss location instead of simply flying into it, and the game is infamous for it's lack of mid-stage checkpoints.


The Bydo Empire Returns!

The powers of the evil BYDO have returned. Now stronger than ever, these diabolical extra-terrestrials are poised to attack the Earth. Mankind has just one hope against these mutant beasts. The formidable R-9 is heading for the front lines at the very frontiers of space. Armed with high-powered, advanced-technology defenses, it is the ultimate battle machine. But is it enough?


The pilot is supported by TP-2 POW Armor in this mission.


  1. Standard Wave Cannon
  2. Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype, only usable when the Beam meter is orange.

Stages and Bosses

Stage Name Boss
1 Space Illuminator
2 The Ruins Zabtom
3 The Cave Inexsis
4 Gigantic Warship Prisoner
5 Resource Acquisition Area Rios
6 Recycling Factory Recycler
7 Bydo Empire Womb


The following are encountered in Super R-Type:

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