Round Bit
The classic Bit Device, the Round Bit makes an appearance in every R-Type game. It consists of a Force-like interior with a metal shell that slowly revolves around it.




  • Model Name: Bt00 Bit "Iron Wall" BIT Device
  • Length: 6.2m
  • Height: 6.2m
  • Width: 6.2m
  • Weight: Unknown

Developed to create "Force" energy using human means. Only partially completed, the unit was equipped with a function to counter the enemy's energy, and sent out on the R-9.


  • Artificial Core: Energy life was created within the sphere. When used with the [[Laser Crystal|horizontal (red) laser, it attacks with extra energy.
  • Control Shell: An outer shell which covers half of the Artificial Force and revolves around the core.


This Bit only provides physical defense against enemy contact and a few projectiles; it annihilates most enemy projectiles and ships, damaging larger ones. This bit has no offensive capability.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

It is called the Struggle Bit in this game.

R-Type Final


A support weapon built to enable manual Force activation. In one experiment, an attempt to actualize life energy to increase defense resulted in a trans-dimensional shift at the moment of installation.


This Bit's primary function is to provide physical defense against enemy contact and a few projectiles. However, certain combinations of ship and Laser Crystal (usually red) give it a minor offensive attack.

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