R-Type II

Realizing the success of R-Type, Irem released R-Type II in 1989, the first step to making a larger series. Though the game remained more or less the same as it's predecessor, a few small changes here become major things later on, such as different Force weapons, a new missile type, and the idea of ship evolution with the new R-9C. This mission comprises of 6 stages, 2 less than in R-Type, but it requires two playthroughs to actually get the best ending and the enhanced difficulty makes up for it. Most of the gameplay would later be remixed in Super R-Type.

R-Type II has been ported to many different systems, and would later be incorporated into the various compilations. This game should not be confused with the HudsonSoft re-titled port of R-Type to the TurboGrafx-16.


The Bydo have returned! Pilot the new R-9C War-Head and remove the menace. The story takes place 2 years, after the events of R-Type and R-Type Leo, in 2165.


The pilot is supported by TP-2 POW Armor for this mission. The basic R-9A Arrowhead has given way to the:


  1. Standard Wave Cannon: This cannon is the default for the R-9C.
  2. Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype: At full charge, the Beam meter will occasionally flash orange. During that period, this cannon will fire instead of the Standard Wave.
  1. Homing Missile
  2. Scatter Bomb
  1. Green: Search Laser
  2. Gray: Shotgun Laser

Stages and Bosses

Stages Bosses
Ruins Subatomic
The Cave Barakus
Gigantic Warship Corvette
Resource Acquisition Area Rios
Additional Base Blender
Baido Empire Womb


Mobile port

R-Type II as well as the original R-Type have been since re-released for both iOS and Android by DotEmu with support for touch controls as well as an on-screen gamepad to control the R-9C War-Head with.