R-Type is a side-scrolling shoot'em up game originally released in 1989 by Irem for the Arcades. Most of the gameplay would later be remixed in Super R-Type.


The Bydo have returned! Pilot the new R-9C War-Head and remove the menace. The story takes place 2 years after the events of R-Type and R-Type Leo, in 2165.


R-Type II has retained the gameplay from it's predecessor, with the only major addition being the ability to charge the main weapon a extra level for a super-powered shot. The basic R-9A Arrowhead has given way to the R-9C War-Head, being supported by the TP-2 POW Armor for this mission.


  1. Standard Wave Cannon: This cannon is the default for the R-9C.
  2. Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype: At full charge, the Beam meter will occasionally flash orange. During that period, this cannon will fire instead of the Standard Wave.
  1. Homing Missile
  2. Scatter Bomb
  1. Green: Search Laser
  2. Gray: Shotgun Laser

Stages and Bosses

1 RuinsSubatomicCounterattack
2 The CaveBarakusWater Splash
3 Gigantic WarshipCorvetteMetal Crusher
4 Resource Acquisition AreaRiosSlip Slidin' Away
5 Additional BaseBlenderDead End
6 Bydo EmpireWombBaiyo


Mobile port

R-Type II as well as the original R-Type have been since re-released for both iOS and Android by DotEmu with support for touch controls as well as an on-screen gamepad to control the R-9C War-Head with.

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