R-Type Delta is a shoot 'em up game released for the PlayStation in 1998. It was the first game in the R-Type series to be presented with polygon graphics. It also allows pilots to choose from three distinct ships. Although Irem's official storyline places it in the year 2164, the events of Delta begin in 2163 shortly after the events of R-Type.


1. Rest: It is the year 2163. The trans-dimensional fighter R-9A Arrowhead has returned from its mission to destroy the evil at the center of the Bydo Empire. Badly damaged, it has been rescued by the battle-cruiser Croque-Monsieur, and brought back to Earth's orbital space fortress, Aegis.

2. Observation: Astronomers in Central Asia watched as strange objects began to fall from the sky. As the objects approached closer to the Earth, they shrank in size and disappeared from sensors. The astronomers, assuming the objects to be meteorites, paid them no further attention.

3. Crisis: Before long, the electronically-controlled weapons systems in a number of cities went haywire and several abnormal heat signatures were detected by astronomers. Bydo influence caused control of the orbiting annihilation platform, Moritz-G, to be lost and it was subsequently unleashed upon the Earth.

4. Sortie: The Moritz-G descended on a city in Asia, its planet-destroying capability has not yet activated, but its self-defense system has thwarted all attempts to approach it. An emergency military operation has been put into effect, and the test fighter R-9A2 Delta has been assigned to the attack force.

This mission also marks the first time where the Space Corps has accepted experimental fighters from different arms companies.


Pilots are supported by TP-2 POW Armor for this mission. If certain conditions are completed, the POW armor becomes available as a playable craft.

Interestingly, this entry changes a couple of fundamental aspects which have persisted; R-Craft no longer instantly burst from contact with terrain (though Bydo bodies and other 'damage tiles' are still one-hit kills), which means that pilots can now hug surfaces without concern. Secondly, Speed Ups have been entirely replaced with pilot-controlled variable speeds. At any moment, the pilot can shift speed one notch between slow (Speed 1) and fast (Speed 4). This greatly increases the tactical ability of a fighter by allowing them to adjust speed on the fly.


R-Type Delta's contribution to the series is the Delta Weapon, a massive blast that affects every enemy in sight. This weapon requires charging, however, by the Force unit of the craft; it can't be triggered or charged without a Force. The Force gains a "Dose" charge upon contact with an enemy, which accumulates at a rapid pace. Once the Dose reaches 100%, the Force will emit a red flash, and red particles will hover around it. Once the attack is triggered, the Dose resets to 0% and must accumulate again. While the Dose meter is maxed out, defeated enemies score more points.

Stages and Bosses

Stage Name Boss BGM
1 Lethal Weapon Moritz-G Crazy Machine
2 Deformation Slugia Fantastic
3 Gigantic Attack Trojan Great Attack
4 Invasion Collector Corrosion
5 Evil Turret Ring
6 Awakening Subkeratom Awakening
7 Life Bydo (Core) Fate



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