R-Type is a side-scrolling shoot'em up game, and the first game in the series. It was originally released in July 1987 by Irem for the Arcades, with ports to home consoles and computers in the following years.


R-Type 1989

This is the story of the first encounter with the Bydo, taking place in the year 2163. The player controls the R-9A Arrowhead to free humanity from the Bydo threat.

Other versions of the story state that First Contact started after the World Government had sent a probe to Galaxy X1X. Having found the Bydo building their forces, the government prepared the R-9A in advance.


The player is supported by POW Armor, which releases power-ups upon destruction.


Stages and Bosses

Stage Name Boss BGM
1 Encounter Dobkeratops Battle Theme
2 Creature Cave Cyst Monster Beat
3 Gigantic Warship Warship Battle Pressure
4 Frontline Base Compiler Granulation
EX* Hidden Stage ???
5 The Den Bellmite Monster Lurking in the Cave
6 Transport System Yashoo (PC-E only) Scramble Crossroad
7 City in Ruins Bronco Pride Goes Before Fall
8 The Bydo Empire's Star Bydo (Core) Uterus

*Secret stage available in the Master System version.



  • The TurboGrafX 16's box art shows a Slither that never makes an appearance in Stage 1, this could also be a bad interpretation of Dobkeratops' tail.
  • The Dobkeratops on one of the arcade ads looks remarkably similar to the Dobkeratops living in the Jupiter installation in R-Type Command.


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