The R-9D was the first step for the R-Series when it came to developing long-range weaponry. This important modification paved the way for future developments in long-range weapons technology. The Wave Cannon equipped was re-designed from the ground up, initially called the Compression Cannon, increasing the focus and precision in exchange for blast radius and power. Future advances in Wave Cannon technology eventually made up for this loss. The R-9D was one of the larger R-craft built and initial tests of its Wave Cannon proved so hazardous that it wasn't allowed to be used until the cooling system was improved. Not that engagements with the Bydo stopped that particular mandate or anything. Description:

  • Model Name: R-9D "Sky Destroyer" Long Range Precision Firing Equipment Model
  • Length: 24.0m
  • Height: 15.5m
  • Width: 7.2m
  • Weight: 41.8t
This ship was developed to fire both precisely and powerfully from great distances. It is equipped with a long-range beam that is completely different in concept from the ordinary Wave Cannon. The R-9D wasn't ready for deployment during the early Bydo encounters, but it was designed and built. Parts:
  • Wave Cannon: The furthest distance ever fired was around 380,000 km (about the same distance between the Earth and the Moon). However, firing the cannon at maximum power has been banned due to problems with the cooling system.
  • Disk-Radome: Calculates data very accurately for long distance firing of the Cannon.
  • Balancer: Stabilizes the ship allowing for extremely precise targeting.
  • Forced Cooling Duct: This device releases heat created when the Compression Cannon fires, preventing overheating.
Armaments: Force Bit Device OR Missile OR Wave Cannon

In this game, the R-9D excels as a powerful sniper unit. However, it is limited by its charge time and reliance on the R-9E Midnight Eye. In addition, the fighter absolutely requires a Force module, otherwise it will be trashed as soon as an enemy approaches. Description: Rwf-9D Shooting Star -Midrange Support- Sniper unit armed with a Range Wave. Lacks blocking and close range weapons. Units: 5 Fuel: 35 Charge: 4 Turn Radar: 2 Speed: 3 Evade: 25% Installations: Force Enabled (Defensive Force) Charge Enabled Requirements: Range Wave Module 110 Solonium Armaments: This craft is built for ranged attack, and doesn't even possess the Vulcan Cannon that is standard on most other R-craft. R-9E Midnight Eye support is needed to get the most out its Wave Cannon.

Name Ammo Base Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Contact Missile 5 35 41 2-2 35% A/C Guided Missiles which explode on contact for additional damage. Has moderate accuracy, and can't intercept attacks.
Range Wave 4 Turn 115 135 ►⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡ 99% ATK Particle A Wave Cannon with longer range and increased charge time. Radar support needed to maximize its range.
Force Enabled
Twin Laser 14 35 41 2-2 50% A/C Vector A similar design to the Anti-Air Laser, but with low firepower and higher accuracy.
Fission Laser 14 43 50 1-1 65% A/C Vector Incredibly destructive laser that erupts and explodes on impact.
Shield Laser 18 50 58 1-1 75% Block Vector Defensive laser specially designed to intercept incoming enemy fire, such as missiles.


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  • R-9B Strider, another model built for long-range operations, even using the same Force.
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