This fighter from arms maker Warrick Inc. was radically different from all previous R fighters. The ambitious design incorporated innovative technologies, such as a Wave Cannon with a homing ability and cable-type Force. The pilot interface also introduced ground-breaking technology. The pilot’s nervous system connects directly to the fighter’s systems. An R-13A was sent to investigate the Bydo Seed Incident in 2164, but all communication ceased just as the mission was completed. The military never made an announcement about the loss.


The R-13T Echidna must have at least 30 minutes of flight time for this craft to become unlocked.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

As A Boss:

Bydo Lab

This fighter has in many a noble battle. But this one seems to be fused with a Bydo Tree. The weapons systems are abnormal due to the Bydo. The Lightning Wave Cannon change is tremendous.

This ship was commissioned by an outside contractor to supplement the Space Corps forces. The rival arms company came up with several new innovations, such as a cybernetic pilot interface and a completely new take on the Force.

This fighter appeared alongside the R-9A2 Delta and the RX-10 Albatross for this mission. If piloted by the player for the last stage of R-Type Delta, its ultimate fate is revealed: Unable to break through the dimensional barrier of the Bydo anomaly following the defeat of the Bydo Seed, it is promptly subdued and captured by the Bydo. It is last seen in the credits of the game, where it has become one with a Bydo Tree deep within the Bydo Forest. Unable to escape its fate, the R-13 is never seen again...until nineteen years later.


Built by the military manufacturer Warelic Co., Ltd. and different in structure from the conventional R-series models. Equipped with a Lightning Wave Cannon, which adds a homing feature to the conventional Wave Cannon. The Lightning Wave Cannon senses the target and fires on it accurately.

The R-13's cockpit connects to the pilot's central nervous system. Not only does this rapidly increase response time and allow for greater control of the craft, it also allows the Space Corps to obtain more complex battle data.



Bit Device


Wave Cannon

Delta Weapon

The Rwf-13A Cerberos is an enhanced fighter with improved weaponry. Fitted with the Shock Wave cannon, capable of tracking down enemies.

Units: 5

Fuel: 30

Charge: 4 Turn

Radar: 2

Speed: 3

Evade: 30%


Force Enabled (Anchor Force)

Charge Enabled


Bydo Analysis 2 (RTT1 Only)

Tentacle Control Rod (RTT2 Only)

Claw Control Rod (RTT2 Only)

Current Regulator

130 Solonium

Armaments: The Cerberos is a heavy-hitting gunship. Application of its Wave Cannon requires precise planning.

Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan 99 10 11 1-1 45% A/B Machine Gun A short-range, rapid-fire cannon. Has low firepower, but can be used to intercept enemy attacks.
Photonpedo 6 30 35 2-2 50% A/C Missile Launches pods which burst open and fire accelerating missiles.
Shock Wave 4 Turn 120 141 --- 99% ATK Particle A self-guided Wave Cannon that rips enemies apart with powerful lightning blasts.
Force Enabled
Shade-R 14 44 51 2-2 50% A/C Optical Laser which leaves a damaging shadow behind after the unit moves.
Search-R 18 49 57 1-1 65% A/B Vector Similar to the L45 Laser, but with an improved search function allowing for higher accuracy.
Terminate-R 18 51 60 1-1 60% A/C Vector Concentrated lasers designed to eradicate nearby enemies.


  • Cerberus was the dog in Greek mythology who, poetically, guarded the gates of Hades. In R-Type Delta, the Cerberus ended up as the guardian of the Bydo Forest.
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