Heimdall Positron Gun

The Heimdall charging it's Positron Gun

Not to be confused with Bow Wave or Wave Cannon

Positron Gun is the term used to describe the main cannon fire from Positron Cannons mounted on large scale dreadnoughts in the R-Type Series. Positron Gun is also an attack specific to the UFBS-010 Heimdall's Positron Cannon, the Burtgang Cannon. These weapons are known as the most fearsome and devastating in the universe, being able to destroy units, squadrons, cruisers, and even cities from long range in a single blast. They can also charge remarkably quickly, often taking no longer than 3 turns to reach full firing capacity. The Positron Gun does 183 damage when not at ace level, does 216 damage when at ace level, and has a range of 7 hexes.


All of the Heimdall variants, the UFBS-011 Tyr, the UFBS-AE1 Jotunheim, the UFBS-AE2 Muspellheim, and the UFBS-AE3 Niflheim posses a similar attack to Positron Gun.

The Tyr, from its Gleipnir Positron Cannon can use +Ion Gun 2. It does signifigantly more damage than Positron Gun, and takes the same amount of time to charge. The amount of damage dealt by +Ion Gun 2 when not at ace level is 202, and is 238 when at ace level.

The Jotunheim also possesses a Positron Gun attack of its own, named the +Ion Gun V2. Similarly, the Ion Gun V2 is fired form the top-mounted Iving Positron Cannon and does 238 damage. It has all the same features as the previous two guns.

The Muspellheim can fire a variant of Positron Gun from its Muspell Cannon, +Ion Gun V3. As its name suggests, it is only a marginal upgrade from +Ion Gun V2, with its only difference being in power. It does 257 attack damage.

Like the previous ships, the Niflheim can attack with +Ion Gun V4 from its Ginnungagap Positron Cannon. This weapon is the most powerful cannon in existence, having an attack power rating of 275, greater than even the UFXSS-01 Utgarda Loki's 262. It maintains the same other characteristics as the other Positron Guns.

The B-BS-Cnb Kombiler possesses a Positron Cannon of its own, the Fragrach Beam, fired from the appropriately-named Fragrach Positron Cannon. It is nearly identical to the original Burtgang Cannon mounted on the Heimdall; it has 183 attack strength when not at ace level and 216 when at ace level, though it has a very erratic firing pattern that is similar to the B-Bld Boldo cruiser's.


Name Power Ace Power Range Fire Pattern Hit Use Type Charge Time
Positron Gun 183 216 7 ------- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
+Ion Gun 2 202 238 7 ------- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
Fragarach 183 216 9 ---<:: 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
+Ion Gun V2 238 282 7 ------- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
+Ion Gun V3 257 304 7 ------- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
+Ion Gun V4 275 326 7 ------- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns

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