Phantom Cell

Phantom Cell is the boss of the Bionics Laboratory in R-Type III.


Phantom Cell is a Bydo life form that can mimic other lifeforms, including massive and very complex creatures. Its native form is an enormous purple cell-like creature.


R-Type III: The Third Lightning

In the battle it turns into several forms:

In the first stage it simply slowly follows the R-90 around and does not actually take damage, though points are still scored for hitting it: it will always transform into Dobkeratops as the boss theme's intro concludes regardless of how much damage it takes.


  • The theme song of the Phantom Cell is a remix of the original R-Type Boss theme, fitting since this battle is a Boss Rush of past R-Type bosses.


R-type 3 fifth boss on hard mode

R-type 3 fifth boss on hard mode

Phantom Cell on Hard Mode in R-Type III

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