The Nomemayer is a slug-like Bydo that lives near the exit of sub-space. This Bydo circles around the iris of Beautiful Erasure while dropping spheres that rotate along with the rest of the sphere. When reaching the top, the spheres drop down, with the intention to land on whatever is threatening the Nomemeyer.


R-Type Final

Found near the exit from sub-space. Said to consist of scattered particles of white light, but details are unknown. To put it plainly, nothing is known of this entity. Images from flight recorders are not helpful either. There are suggestions that the particles will change anything they touch into a Bydo.

Any non-Bydo ship that passes through the Nomemayer becomes a B-1D Bydo System Alpha. If a Bydo passes through, it becomes B-3B Metallic Dawn.


If kept alive long enough in its first form, the Nomemayer will eventually expel an unseen enemy; it is in the same capsule as TP-2 POW Armor, however these do not leave behind upgrades when destroyed.


Farewell R-Type... R-Type Final Stage 6

Farewell R-Type... R-Type Final Stage 6.1 R-Typer Level

The Nomemayer battle in R-Type Final,

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