Contact with neither foe nor obstacle stops this Wave Cannon; it pierces through all targets in its path. However, the damaging part of the bolt is deceptively smaller than the blast wave, so pilots still need to aim accordingly, as though a Standard Wave Cannon were being fired.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

This is one of two Wave Cannons possessed by the R-90 Ragnarok, the other one being the Hyper Wave Cannon, and is one of the reasons why this ship so powerful. The R-90 here is the only exception to the rule that a Wave Cannon can be 'canceled'; by switching Wave Cannon types, the current charge dissipates and must be recharged.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. With a 2 Loop charge, the beam can go through the ground or walls.

The R-9S Strike Bomber is equipped with this cannon.


Although the Giga Wave Cannon is the strongest of all wave cannons, the Mega Wave Cannon is capable enough to destroy most of high class Bydos and Bydo Bosses in one shot.

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