The Hyper Wave Cannon was created by modifying a hyperdrive mobility system and changing the power flow that fuels the Wave Cannon. Upon firing, a small burst flashes out from the front of the ship, causing heavy damage to anything in its short range. This imbues the ship with the ability to fire Standard Wave Cannon Prototype-strength energy bolts as rapidly as the standard Vulcan Cannon for a short time while a small orb of energy rotates quickly around the craft.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

This is one of two Wave Cannon modes the R-90 Ragnarok is capable of. However, this cannon must cooldown after use, during which time the Wave Cannon cannot be used (and cannot be switched to the Mega Wave Cannon); the pilot must rely on other assets until the cannon is ready to be used again.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. By adapting a Hyperdrive System, the quest to build a rapid-fire Wave Cannon was finally successful.

This weapon is still only used by the R-90 Ragnarok, since it possesses the special Hyperdrive hardware needed to charge and fire it. The cooldown problem was fixed and the fighter can charge immediately after the Wave Cannon has ceased rapid-fire.

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