This Bydo war machine is armed with a Photon-Belt Wave Cannon and deploys four Bit Devices of it's own design. Deployed Bits each fire an eyeball-like energy projectile directly at invaders. After firing once, they re-attach to Gydocker, who then moves to a new position while firing the Wave Cannon. Gydocker then repeats the pattern. It's a very dangerous opponent, and pilots should destroy it as soon as possible. Luckily, it's capacity to deal damage isn't as good as it can take, as it's easily destroyed with a Standard Wave Cannon shot or two.



R-Type II

A human machine modeled from a combination of enemies. Its attacks consist of a particle beam weapon and the Bits that surround it.

Super R-Type

This mobile-suited mutant has the personality of Godzilla. Good luck!

Gydocker is known as Badacre here.

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