The Giga Wave Cannon is the strongest Wave Cannon in existence. Simply put, it's a Standard Wave Cannon taken to the extreme, following the basic launch pattern of that Wave Cannon. Though it takes a long time to charge it all the way, the payoff is a massive blast that will annihilate nearly everything it touches.

R-Type Final

Unique 7 Loop charge, and the most powerful gun of all. It can obliterate all enemies and is nicknamed “The Final Wave Cannon”.

This is found only on the R-902 Ragnarok II.

At the end of R-Type Final, any ship facing the Bydo (Core) will temporarily gain this weapon, though it requires 45 seconds to fully charge. During this phase, the ship's native Wave Cannon will be replaced with this one, called the FINAL Wave Cannon, although it is over 10 times stronger. It appears that this immense power is meant as a last resort due to the fact that the large energy blast overwhelms the ship using it, rendering it inoperable and the pilot most likely dead.