Galaxy Of Abyss

The Galaxy of Abyss is the final stage of R-Type III. It consists of a warped section of Bydo space and large organic Bydo structures/imagery. The stage phases in and out of each location, jumping to different places in the stage. One of the most notable features of this area is a small "portal" that leads to somewhere within the Bydo Dimension, which periodically spews out enemies. Once the mini-boss of this stage is defeated, the portal consumes everything that surrounds it, widens itself open and takes the pilot into the Bydo Dimension itself. It is nothing but red space and the Mother Bydo attached to a wall. Once the Mother Bydo is defeated, it will pursue the pilot as the portal collapses, sealing it inside.


  • Before the events of The Third Lightning, the entirety of the Bydo Dimension itself presumably resembled the humans' dimension in disaster and chaos, as seen in R-Type Delta.
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