The Frontline Base is the fourth stage of R-Type, taking place between Gigantic Warship and The Den. It's the first real opposition R-craft pilots will encounter, and there is a lot of it. Cytrons will flood the area with Bydo webbing, far too much to destroy it all, so pilots must navigate the maze-like construction, and be ready to change their flight path instantly. Learning to position a Force unit well will greatly increase a pilot's life expectancy. The Compiler waits at the end, and pilots are greatly encouraged to have their Force equipped with something other than a red Laser Crystal.

In R-Type Dimensions, there are 5 hidden "spores", which resemble individual webbing, and will require a Force unit to obtain. Once a spore has been found and destroyed, it will remain so in subsequent fly-throughs.

In the Sega Master system version, there is a hidden level, the "Super Stage", which is accessed through a "hole" in the ceiling. It is full of enemies not mentioned in the instruction manual (except for Pow units). Completing this level takes the player onwards to The Den, getting destroyed returns the player to the closest Frontline Base checkpoint.

It should be noted that in the Sega Master System version, "Frontline Base" is the name for the FIRST level, this one is referred to by its defining characteristic, "The Terrible Mechanical Cells" (the Bydo Webbing, in other words)

PC-Engine Version

After beating the Boss in the base you must survive for 30 seconds (since you can't fire your weapons during the ambush).This video will show how you survive the ambush.


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