Cytron is a fast mechanical enemy that's been overtaken by Bydo cells. The ensuing corruption causes the Cytron to leave a solid trail of Bydo spores in its wake. Thus, the Cytron is a quick way for the Bydo to build structures. Cytron walls can overlap, causing much aggravation for pilots as each cell of a wall is weak, but thick walls, unless destroyed, quickly limit a pilot's maneuverability. Gelds have the tendency to follow Cytrons and eat the walls they leave behind. Since Cytron webbing counts as a wall, some Force beams treat it as such, as Reflective lasers and air-to-surface lasers will not destroy Cytron cells. POW Armor and Cancer frequently get trapped here, too.




Initially developed to destroy asteroids. Attaching the Bydo produced cellular wall, and rapid unit reproduction.

Cytron is an enemy in Stage 4 of R-Type.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

Though Oberos is present during most of Stage 3, Cytrons are spawned by the boss.

R-Type Delta

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  • The Cytron has the same functionality as Oberos in future missions.
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