Not to be confused with Positron Gun.
Bow Wave is the term used to describe the main cannon fire from large scale cruisers in the R-Type Series. A Bow Wave is also an attack specific to the UFHC-007 Vanargand's Wave Cannon, the Vaen Cannon. The Bow Wave does 120 damage when not at ace level, does 141 damage when at ace level, and has a range of 4 hexes.


The UFHC-008 Garum cruiser posesses a similar attack to Bow Wave, Bow Wave II, which is fired from the appropriately-named Vaen Cannon II. It does significantly more damage than Bow Wave I, and takes the same amount of time to charge. The amount of damage dealt by Bow Wave II when not at ace level is 125, and is 147 when at ace level.
The B-Bld Boldo also possesses a Bow Wave of its own, interestingly-named Gae Bolg. Unlike the previous two Waves, the Gae Bolg is fired from the top of the Boldo, does 110 damage when not at ace level, does 129 damage when at ace level, and has a range of five hexes spread out in an odd, twig like pattern. This is very curious once it is considered that the Space Corps database describes the weapon as having "power greater than that of Earth's cruiser weaponry", when in actuality the weapon is considerably less powerful than its human counterpart.


Name Power ACE Power Range Fire Pattern Hit Use Type Charge Time
Bow Wave 120 141 4 >---- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
Bow Wave II 125 147 4 >---- 99% ATK Particle 3 Turns
Gae Bolg 110 129 5 ---< 99% ATK Piercing 3 Turns


The Gae Bolg refers to a weapon in Irish mythology; it was the name of the spear of CĂșchulainn in the Ulster Cycle.