• Northern Rain

    A translation patch for R-Type Tactics II can now be found at However, it is still a work in progress.

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  • Drakonikian

    Hello to everyone that is reading this.

    I've been recommended to post a request for an admin request for this wiki and plan to do it soon, as the current admin hasn't been active since December 10th, 2014. And I'd like to ensure to keep this wiki running in healthy condition for years to come. But considering how there are other users making contributions already, it'd be rude to not ask for your opinions on this first if I haven't heard already. 

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  • SealTheCat

    I began work on a project yesterday. So far so good. Anyways, if it goes correctly its going to be like the Vs. AI mode from R-Type Final. (I was hoping for multiplayer, but im not the best programmer.) I also plan on the final boss being Ragnarok, hence the name.

    Im wondering where i can find decent r-type sounds, since i can make sprites, but not sounds.

    Google isnt much help finding the sounds either.

    Anyways, If you would like to test it, i will be updating it every now and then.

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  • MatchlessDragon

    Just bought R-type Tactics, played the first few missions but am already wanting the the sequal. Galactic turn based strategy never looked so awesome. It's already been billed as a space soap opera ala Gundam stylee. Should be kicking yo.

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