A Bit Device is a satellite weapon that is placed above and below a spacecraft. There are several varieties of bits, with the bulk not appearing until R-Type Final. In most configurations, a Bit Device is a sphere that complacently rotates. It's composed of similar energy as that of a Force (though wholly man-made) and shares the nigh-invincibility of that unit. A Bit Device cannot be destroyed by normal means, and damages whatever it touches. The Bit Conductor mounted on R-craft allows control of these devices. Like other aspects in the series, the Bit Devices have been called other things, such as Pit and Plasmo.

Unlike a Force, Bit Devices cannot be detached from their places unless it's part of an attack. Only two Bits can be mounted at once (collected one at a time, though exceptions exist), and both are always of the same type. A Bit's primary function is that of defense, to protect the craft against Bydo Shots and contact by minor enemies. The standard Bit seen in most missions can also fire shots if a particular Laser Crystal is equipped (and sometimes both Bits are required). It deals less damage than a Force, but still has enough stopping power to give a pilot time to get away from more serious threats.

Bit Devices

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