Anchor Force DX in R-Type Final.

The Anchor Force DX is an improvement of the original Anchor Force, increasing the Bydo coefficient far higher than in the original model. This power is too much for the tether to contain, and if the Anchor Force DX is left attached for too long the tether will gradually change color: eventually it will break and the force will turn into a Bydo creature, attacking enemies around it in a similar manner to the Tentacle Force for several seconds. During this period it cannot be recalled, but it will eventually turn back into its original form.

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Shade Alpha +: Stronger version of the original Shade Alpha fires 2 destructive straight lasers straight ahead and the "shade" of this weapon lasts longer than the original. Bit devices will fire bolts similar to the main beam.
  • Blue: Terminate Gamma +: Fires up to 4 thin blue lasers that can bend up to 45 degrees to strike targets.
  • Yellow: Search Beta +: Shoots 2 intersecting strafing beams that start at the top and bottom to sweep the area in front of the fire more effectively than the original Search Beta.

When detached, the Force has no ranged attacks, but will still inflict greater damage upon contact.


The Bydo coefficient was raised even higher in this model. It has the highest firepower of all Forces. However the high Bydo coefficient also makes the Force hard to control. Pilots report frequent loss of weapon control.


F-R13B Anchor Force+ -Enhanced Force-

Enhanced Anchor Force, equipped with more powerful lasers.


  • HP: 140
  • Fuel: 100
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Evade: 25%


  • Bydo Analysis 2 (RTT1 Only)
  • Tentacle Control Rod (RTT2 Only)
  • Blitz Reader (RTT2 Only)
  • Anchor Remote
  • F-Limit Breacher
  • 40 Etherium
  • 80 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Force Ram 99 60 71 1-1 70% ATK Ram Forces can ram into the enemy, pushing enemies back or stealing fuel upon impact.
Anchor Ram 99 78 93 1-1 75% ATK Ram Anchor Force's ramming function. Deals greater damage than the standard Force Ram.